Five Packing Tips for Alaskan Art and Souvenirs in Fairbanks, AK

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There’s a lot that goes into planning an Alaskan vacation, such as choosing a destination, selecting travel dates, creating an itinerary, reserving a hotel, booking airline tickets and getting the family packed. The goal is to have the time of your life so you have good memories to share later on. But there is another part of planning a vacation that many people forget to include—remembering to leave room for souvenirs to bring home! Every tourist wants to bring back a few mementos to commemorate their trip, which is why it’s important they are packed properly to avoid damage.

Here are five helpful packing tips for Alaskan art and souvenirs in Fairbanks, AK:

  • Bring extra bags: Of course, you can purchase empty bags while you are in Alaska to carry your gift shop treasures. However, bringing them along with you from home serves as a reminder to leave some room in your luggage for souvenirs. Consider reusable nylon totes that fold up flat, or even bring an extra luggage bag designated solely for souvenirs.
  • Keep art flat or rolled: The best way to pack Alaskan art paintings in your luggage is to lay them flat with little to no weight on top f them. Place it on top soft clothing for extra cushioning, then cover with bubble wrap or tissue paper. Or, if the print or painting is pliable, roll it up gently and place it inside a cardboard tube. Secure both ends to ensure your painting does not fall out.
  • Always wrap breakable items: Just as your travel bags need to be strong enough to withstand being dropped, tossed and banged around, so does the packing material you wrap your souvenirs in. Bubble wrap and layers of tissue paper are popular choices, but you should also utilize soft clothing for extra protection. So you don’t forget you’ve wrapped a breakable item in your clothes, rubber band or tape a note to it. This way, you’ll know to take care when unpacking.
  • Pack in checked luggage: Before buying certain souvenirs, such as Alaskan knives in Fairbanks, AK, check with the airline to make sure the item is allowed in your luggage. Often, sharp objects are permitted as long as they are packed away in your checked bag, not in your carry-on. But no matter the type of souvenir, wrap and pack it securely in your luggage so it doesn’t break.
  • Use a variety of packing materials: As mentioned above, bubble wrap, tissue paper and your clothing are great for protecting souvenirs during your trip back home. Other ideas include wrapping items in newspapers or plastic or paper grocery bags. You can also insert things into clean socks, and the insides of shoes also make excellent protective vessels for transporting smaller items.

We hope that these packing tips come in handy, whether you like to pick up souvenirs in Fairbanks, AK throughout your trip or prefer to check out local gift shops right before you leave. And when your travels bring you to Alaska, make sure to stop in at Arctic Travelers Gift Shop for a selection of Alaskan knives, art, baskets and more!

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