Six Sights and Activities to Enjoy When Visiting Alaska

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It’s natural to feel excited about an upcoming vacation. After all, you’re more than ready to toss aside all your daily responsibilities for time in a new place, like Alaska! Rest assured there is something for everyone in Alaska, whether your plan is to have an adventurous vacation or you are simply looking forward to rest and relaxation.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the recommended activities and sights to see for a most enjoyable Alaska vacation:

  • Northern Lights: Hands down, Fairbanks is the best spot in Alaska to see the famous Northern Lights, also called the Aurora Borealis. This mysterious, yet magical event puts on a natural light show of changing colors that brightens up the night skies like nothing else can. Watch the Northern Lights and be prepared to witness a wavy curtain of rotating green, red, purple and yellow. It’s a treat for your eyes.
  • The Alaska Highway: At 1,500 miles long, the Alaska Highway offers many natural attractions—including must-see national parks, open mountain ranges, museums and wildlife (including bears, bison, sheep and moose). Of course, you can take in the beauty of Alaska from the comfort of your rental car. But pulling off to the side of the road for some fresh air, a stretch and photo opportunities is highly recommended.
  • Shop for authentic souvenirs: Before your trip is over, pay a visit to one of Alaska’s most well known shops, Arctic Travelers Gift Shop, for a few keepsakes from Fairbanks, AK. You will find that many items are not only unique, but also authentic and handmade by people from local Native cultures.
  • Ziplining: If you are looking for a view of Alaska from a different angle, then zipping through the treetops may be right up your alley! Ziplining is unlike any other tour you will take while on your Alaska vacation. So, if you’re game, harness up, keep your eyes open and let the adrenaline flow as you fly through the Alaskan canopy. Add that to your memory bank!
  • Dog mushing: If you want a truly local experience, then you must see Alaska by way of dog sled—the traditional vehicle of Alaskans. Did you know that dog sledding is also one of the oldest forms of transportation during the winter months? Hire a guide to take you on a tour or step up to the captain’s pad, if you know what you’re doing.
  • Aerial tours: There’s no doubt that Alaska is beautiful. From its lovely blue waters and vast wildlife populations to vegetation-covered lands and picturesque landscapes, you would be punishing yourself if you didn’t book an aerial tour. By land, by air or by sea, you won’t regret it.

If there is only one shop you visit for keepsakes in Fairbanks, AK, make sure it’s Arctic Travelers Gift Shop. We sell authentic, Alaska made items that are nothing short of unique, including Native artwork, handmade grass baskets, Indian beadwork, dolls and traditional stone and bone carvings. We look forward to meeting you!

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