Good Reasons to Support Your Local Alaskan Gift Shop in Fairbanks, AK

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The “buy local” movement has taken off as of late, and that’s a good thing. In fact, shopping within your local area—for everything from food to clothing to home goods—is like giving back to your community in a way. It’s an especially important thing today considering how much business big box stores take away from small local businesses, not to mention the way the Internet makes buying online from anywhere in the world easier than ever. But if online shopping is more convenient for you, consider ordering straight from a local brick and mortar shop first.

Here are some good reasons to buy from and support your local gift shop in Fairbanks, AK:

  • Customer service is personal: Topping the list of reasons to buy local is the exceptional customer service. In many cases, many small business owners are the ones behind the cash register, restocking the shelves and doing inventory—they know every part of their business. As such, a local shop owner is likely to be friendly and conversational, and over time, regular customers become like family.
  • Own authentic and handmade items: To keep up with demand, retail stores have had to resort to stocking mass-produced items, which means everyone seems to own the exact same things. But buy from the right local gift shop in Alaska, and you’ve got a better chance of taking home original goods. You can’t get more authentic than buying an item with a “Made in Alaska” polar bear label—and that’s exactly what you will find at Arctic Travelers Gift Shop!
  • Find unique gifts: When you go looking for a special present for a friend and stop in at your local gift shop in Fairbanks, AK, you are doing more good than you may realize. First, you’ve decided to gift your friend something unique—especially if the shop carries authentic and original items. Furthermore, your purchase will be supporting a small business in your community.
  • Get a history lesson: A passionate business owner will be able to tell you about the items they carry. Come in to Arctic Travelers Gift Shop and you’ll learn this firsthand! Our team is knowledgeable in the history and back-story of most of the local, Native artisan crafts on our shelves, so ask away.
  • Support the local economy: Quite often, the money that a local small business makes goes right back into the community. More specifically, that business is more likely to spend the money they earn locally on the goods and services they need to keep their business running. For example, a restaurant owner may buy fresh ingredients from the town’s farmers, or a specialty gift shop might acquire authentic pieces from local artists.

At Arctic Travelers Gift Shop, we are not only the number one souvenir gift shop stop for visitors to Alaska, but a fantastic shop for our local community members as well. So, when you are looking for products with the genuine “Made in Alaska” label, we ensure that you will leave our gift shop in Fairbanks, AK with a smile on your face and special items in hand. Come by and visit!

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